SEMA is like an alternate universe of car manufacturing, with grand styling, amazing colors, and everything that a car manufacturer wants to put in their vehicles, without any consideration of its marketability.

They simply consider its “cool factor,” its speed, and its uniqueness. Mercedes Autos recently made a debut at SEMA, in the 2016 show, and as usual, there were plenty of other wild and crazy entries to be seen. We look over some of the best and most exciting.

Mercedes Autos has traditionally been associated with luxury and class, traditional styling and immaculately tuned performance engines. Mercedes vehicles do the luxury sedan and high-speed coupe so well – and now they are rolling up their sleeves and letting down their hair with some super modified models that were seen at SEMA recently.

The Renntech Rally Racer was one of the highlights of the show – like a GLK optimized for the infamous Pikes Peak. The engine modifications are only the start of the story – there is a parallel hybrid under the hood, making this an electric car available to some in Hong Kong with an additional 40 pound-foot of torque.

This unique sports car that will soon be seen in Hong Kong is ideal for mountain runs because the electric engine does not lose power along with an increase in altitude. It has around 350hp, with KW coil over shock suspension, 20-inch wheels, and inside, carbon fiber bucket seats and a roll cage. One of the most personal Mercedes vehicles we have seen for some time!

Another of Mercedes great entries to the 2008 SEMA show was the Interactive Off-Roader. Mercedes cars have become among the more popular off-roaders in recent years, with their legendary technological capabilities and reputation for not barrings any holds in capability. This sports car unique among Hong Kong vehicles is something different, though.

The 14-year-old son of Legendary’s owner asked “Why not make a ride I can skateboard on?”, And his father agreed – “Why not?”. There is a rear mounted Grinch Winch – able to tow borders up to 30mph. Once at speed, skateboarders can launch up a detachable ramp on this unique sports car in Hong Kong, and grind on customized roof rails. Amazing!


RMR also had one of the most talked about cars of the 2008 SEMA show, debuting their new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It has a carbon fiber body, reminiscent of Mercedes vehicle DTM racecar crossed with a Super GT. Other Hyundais on show at SEMA included Genesis Coupes from HKS, RMR and Street Concepts. The HKS Genesis Coupe has a Kenstyle body kit, making it look as ‘out there’ as its specs are.

The Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge also brought out some other auto stars. AMS was the winner beating out the Mercedes vehicle that entered, with their 1000+hp Evo motor.

With an air-to-water intercooler, a large turbocharger, a unique design long tube exhaust manifold fully built internals and dry sump oiling, big figures in the power stakes were unavoidable. One of the best of the best when it come to unique autos in Hong Kong, as well as the rest of the world.