The Corvette is part of the American dream, a popular sports car that represents youth and success! Since Chevrolets original debute of the corvette this vehicle has been a favourite for many car enthusiasts.  For the first time in 15 years, General Motors totally redesigned the Corvette. The mission statement “form follows function” by chief engineers and designers Jerry Palmer and David R. McClellan. Even though this statement was followed in the past, the new generation had to prove to be worth the wait.


So that fans could have 30-year anniversary model the 1984 Corvette was meant to come out in 1983, but some snags and glitches delayed production. The new generation would not go into production until March 1983 which meant it would not be released until 1984. However, the 1984 Corvette was worth the wait.

The 1984 Corvette was a total redesign from the top down and carried over nothing from the ‘Shark’ area save the engine. Some of the new features for the 1984 Corvette included:

Improved Frame: Chevrolet and the 1984 Corvette made history incorporating the first ever uni-frame, or ‘birdcage’ frame.

Improved Steering: The 1984 Corvette featured rack-and-pinion steering design as opposed to the past recirculating-ball steering that General Motors typically used at the time.

Improved Suspension: The 1984 Corvette featured a Z51 Performance Handling Package. This package included 13.0:1 quick-ratio steering, heavy-duty shocks, and upgraded front and rear springs. The new Corvette also featured Formula 1 and Indy Car racing inspired V-Rated tires for a better overall grip.

-Improved Braking: A new design of 11.5-inch rotors made their way onto the 1984 Corvette. These rotors were a special design from the company Garlock.

-Improved Hood: The 1984 Corvette saw the birth of the clam-shell hood which made access to the engine much easier than previous models.

-Improved Trunk: The 1984 Corvette had a bigger back piece of glass that opened like a hatch to give way to a much roomier trunk.-

-Improved Top: The new Corvette brought the first Targa top with no centerline reinforcement for the muscle car.

Improved Transmission: The 1984 Corvette had a new four-speed automatic transmission like no one had ever known before. Dubbed the ‘4+3,’ the new transmission was a regular four-speed transmission with three planetary gears attached to the rear which acted as a step-down or overdrives reduction in the top three gears when signaled by the computer.

The 1982 engine was a carryover to the 1984 Corvette. This Corvette was able to put out five additional horsepower and five additional foot pounds of torque because of a more efficient radiator fan and accessory drive. The 5.7-liter 350 V-8 featured twin throttle-body electronic fuel injection and ‘CrossFire’ manifold with dual ram-air intakes.

General Motors tried to keep the new design of the 1968 Corvette a secret, however, it was unveiled a few weeks earlier than the official unveiling. Before the time the1968 Corvette was revealed to the public the toy maker Mattel released a new Hot Wheels line that shocked the General Motors executives because it was an unauthorized version of the custom Corvette.

Corvette fans loved the new 1968 Corvette. However, the critics gave it a poor review. This did not bother consumers, and at the end of the year, Chevrolet’s new Corvette had the last laugh with a record sale of 28, 566 cars sold which were an increase from the 5,000 from the last year of the Sting Ray.

In early 1983, the 1984 Corvette had its official unveiling. Surprising to enthusiasts and critics, the 1984 Corvette came out. Because of the extra long model year, the 1984 Corvette sold 51,547 units which were the second highest in Corvette history. Even though, it took General Motors a long time to create another generation of a Corvette it was worth the wait.