Approximately ten rough laps made up the Mexican Grand Prix – five at the beginning and five at the end.

In order to win the race Lewis Hamilton had to get his Mercedes-AMG Petronas before Nico Rosberg. The whole weekend was of Hamilton dominating, from Friday to Sunday except the first lap. Hamilton did get the Turn 1 in the field. It all went well until Hamilton went to the runoff area and ended up on the grass, starting the race again at Turn 3. He was not penalized because as the commentator said, Hamilton was not battling any other racer.


At the exact same corner, Rosberg went off to the grass too. He was about to get a penalty, until the replay showed that Rosberg was bumped by Max Verstappen in the Red Bull slid wide, which made Rosber go off the run. Verstappen started again to go after Rosberg, later during the race, but he took a stab on the Turn 4 on the Lap 50 of the 71-lap race, and he went off the run and never saw the Mercedes again by Lap 55.

It was Lap 70 when Riccardio was very near to Vettel’s gearbox. In order to take the corner Vettel swung outside. When Ricciardo made the inside move in order to Pass, Vettel took the same action and both cars ended up being in the braking zone. Ferrari did make a small contact with the Red Bull, but Vettel did not move out of his position through Turn 5. The German did end up closing the line in the fourth position, but this did not take place before dumping a bucket full of curses on Verstappen and on Formula 1 Race Director Charlie Whiting, who refused to give an order to Verstappen to leave the third position before the flag went up.

Verstappen parked his car in the place that is reserved for the third place and went straight to the podium room. He did take a five-second penalty for his action at Turn 1, which put him on the fifth position which was behind Vettel and Ricciardo, and urged him to go out of the podium room so Vettel would step on that place.

It was three hours after the race was finished, when the stewards did order a ten-second penalty for Vettel who stepped in the braking zone, which left Vettel to fifth behind Ricciardo and Verstappen. It is ironic of this situation because this regulation that hit Vettel is a new one, which came into practice when Verstappen stepped in the braking zone in Japan when he was racing against Hamilton. The order of the racers in the end was: Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Vettel.

After them, Kimi Räikkönen was the sixth one, Nico Hülkenberg seventh, The Williams pair of Vatteri and Felipe Massa got the next places and Sergio Perez was the last one.

In two weeks of the next race in Brazil, we are expecting wringing about the way Verstappen was driving. There are two weeks that we are expecting answers from almost all the drivers, but the situation we are expecting the most are the capabilities of Rosberg to become the next Driver Championship. Currently Rosberg holds a 19-point advantage over Hamilton and for now that is all that matters, until Brazil takes place.