Yea, wheels need your care and attention too. It is only right that you reward the outstanding capability and performance of a good wheel by simply keeping it clean; this will ensure its continuous functioning and longevity. This cleaning must be done regularly as the wheels encounter much dirt, soil and moisture on the road. That can lead to damage over time if neglected, the cleaning should be done on a weekly basis at least.

Warning: it is not every accessible car wheels cleaners and washing chemicals in the store that should be used on your wheels. Many of them contain harsh chemicals and could cause irredeemable damage on the wheels. Mind you, if your wheels get damage due to the use of these severe cleaning agents, there will be no warranty cover on such damage. That is why we recommend the use of mild soap and clean water; these alone can give the wheels a good clean.


Important tips for cleaning rotiform BLQ Wheels

When cleaning your tires, do not allow the harsh materials you use on the tires to touch the wheels. Clean your wheels with soft cloth. Never make use of coarse materials like steel, wool or brushes with hard bristles as these are only fit for the tires.

In the presence of acidic preparations that are mainly used to remove wheel soil, there is no need for you to make use of automatic car washes that wouldn’t be necessary.

After a clean wash, it is very important to dry your rotiform blq wheels, it is highly recommended to use an air compressor that has an air blower tip to dry out your wheels. Do not forget to remind your car washer not to replace drying your wheels by using wheel cleaners; they can cause a permanent damage on them.

After drying your Rotiform BLQ wheels it is advisable to use high grade wax to polish your wheels these can help to protect them from surface commotion and extreme weather conditions. When it comes to maintaining your wheels, there is no such thing as over-pampering them considering the harsh road encounter and extreme weather they regularly go through.