For anyone who loves racing and the thrill that comes with sports cars, then perhaps Caterham Super 7 cars are some of the best you’ve ever rode in. It’s everyone wish to make that big arrival at an event in a Caterham super 7 car. Ranging from the style, speed, power, and gas usage, there is always something you will love about these company’s cars. The good thing is that every year sees new model being introduced to the market with more features and tech fittings. Here some of the things you need know about the Caterham Super 7 cars and what you have been missing on.

Re-designing rights from lotus cars

Caterham super 7 cars are what used to be Lotus cars back in the 50s and 60s before the company stopped producing them. Based in UK, the company bought the rights from Lotus Cars and begun customizing the design back 1972. It has over the years went on to provide some of the best lightweight cars in the market. The whole design idea was first pioneered by Colin Chapman who was a pilot in the Royal Air Force then. He had a dream to build lightweight, fast and powerful cars that would utilize adorable styles like no other. It is basing on his design that Lotus and later caterham were able to produce unique sport cars in the market.

Chassis and Suspension

A unique aspect of who a car could be that small, lightweight but still strong as bigger cars is Caterham’s selling point. Lotus series of cars used a lighter frame usually made of aluminum for its body. Over the years, the chassis and suspension have seen numerous modifications with the modern one being extremely superlight featuring a double-wishbone that is adjustable. The current Caterham 7 series of cars have their chassis design being drawn from Series 3 chassis design though with an extra space and reduced weight for better performance.

Perfect engines

Over the years, the Caterham has been produced with several top engine manufacturers such as Ford, Rover, Powertrain and many more. They have also frequently installed motorbike engines in the model as seen in the 7 Series that features the same engine as thus of Suzuki Hayabusa; GSXR1300 engine. Back in 2001, the Honda Fire blade engine featured in the model recording a power of 95KW or rather 128bhp. There have also been engine combination as you will see on the company’s website.

Perfect for racing

Since the idea of making this model was conceived, the Lotus or later called Caterham has continued to be a perfect design for racing. It has featured several times over the years coming out as a top racing car. Amazingly, it was even banned to race in America back in the 60s being termed to be too fast for rules. The bans were however lifted and the R400 lead in its class in a 2002 race and generally finished 10th ahead of global brands such as BMW and Porsche.

Finally, there are modern design of the Caterham Super 7 cars that are just amazing to ride in. The manufacturers have however adjusted the width to make it more accommodating for bigger people. All in all, Caterham cars are one of the fastest your will ever race in in.