Regular Maintenance on Rotiform Wheels

Yea, wheels need your care and attention too. It is only right that you reward the outstanding capability and performance of a good wheel by simply keeping it clean; this will ensure its continuous functioning and longevity. This cleaning must be done regularly as the wheels encounter much dirt, soil and moisture on the road. That can lead to damage over time if neglected, the cleaning should be done on a weekly basis at least.

Warning: it is not every accessible car wheels cleaners and washing chemicals in the store that should be used on your wheels. Many of them contain harsh chemicals and could cause irredeemable damage on the wheels. Mind you, if your wheels get damage due to the use of these severe cleaning agents, there will be no warranty cover on such damage. That is why we recommend the use of mild soap and clean water; these alone can give the wheels a good clean.


Important tips for cleaning rotiform BLQ Wheels

When cleaning your tires, do not allow the harsh materials you use on the tires to touch the wheels. Clean your wheels with soft cloth. Never make use of coarse materials like steel, wool or brushes with hard bristles as these are only fit for the tires.

In the presence of acidic preparations that are mainly used to remove wheel soil, there is no need for you to make use of automatic car washes that wouldn’t be necessary.

After a clean wash, it is very important to dry your rotiform blq wheels, it is highly recommended to use an air compressor that has an air blower tip to dry out your wheels. Do not forget to remind your car washer not to replace drying your wheels by using wheel cleaners; they can cause a permanent damage on them.

After drying your Rotiform BLQ wheels it is advisable to use high grade wax to polish your wheels these can help to protect them from surface commotion and extreme weather conditions. When it comes to maintaining your wheels, there is no such thing as over-pampering them considering the harsh road encounter and extreme weather they regularly go through.

The American Dream For Gearheads!

The Corvette is part of the American dream, a popular sports car that represents youth and success! Since Chevrolets original debute of the corvette this vehicle has been a favourite for many car enthusiasts.  For the first time in 15 years, General Motors totally redesigned the Corvette. The mission statement “form follows function” by chief engineers and designers Jerry Palmer and David R. McClellan. Even though this statement was followed in the past, the new generation had to prove to be worth the wait.


So that fans could have 30-year anniversary model the 1984 Corvette was meant to come out in 1983, but some snags and glitches delayed production. The new generation would not go into production until March 1983 which meant it would not be released until 1984. However, the 1984 Corvette was worth the wait.

The 1984 Corvette was a total redesign from the top down and carried over nothing from the ‘Shark’ area save the engine. Some of the new features for the 1984 Corvette included:

Improved Frame: Chevrolet and the 1984 Corvette made history incorporating the first ever uni-frame, or ‘birdcage’ frame.

Improved Steering: The 1984 Corvette featured rack-and-pinion steering design as opposed to the past recirculating-ball steering that General Motors typically used at the time.

Improved Suspension: The 1984 Corvette featured a Z51 Performance Handling Package. This package included 13.0:1 quick-ratio steering, heavy-duty shocks, and upgraded front and rear springs. The new Corvette also featured Formula 1 and Indy Car racing inspired V-Rated tires for a better overall grip.

-Improved Braking: A new design of 11.5-inch rotors made their way onto the 1984 Corvette. These rotors were a special design from the company Garlock.

-Improved Hood: The 1984 Corvette saw the birth of the clam-shell hood which made access to the engine much easier than previous models.

-Improved Trunk: The 1984 Corvette had a bigger back piece of glass that opened like a hatch to give way to a much roomier trunk.-

-Improved Top: The new Corvette brought the first Targa top with no centerline reinforcement for the muscle car.

Improved Transmission: The 1984 Corvette had a new four-speed automatic transmission like no one had ever known before. Dubbed the ‘4+3,’ the new transmission was a regular four-speed transmission with three planetary gears attached to the rear which acted as a step-down or overdrives reduction in the top three gears when signaled by the computer.

The 1982 engine was a carryover to the 1984 Corvette. This Corvette was able to put out five additional horsepower and five additional foot pounds of torque because of a more efficient radiator fan and accessory drive. The 5.7-liter 350 V-8 featured twin throttle-body electronic fuel injection and ‘CrossFire’ manifold with dual ram-air intakes.

General Motors tried to keep the new design of the 1968 Corvette a secret, however, it was unveiled a few weeks earlier than the official unveiling. Before the time the1968 Corvette was revealed to the public the toy maker Mattel released a new Hot Wheels line that shocked the General Motors executives because it was an unauthorized version of the custom Corvette.

Corvette fans loved the new 1968 Corvette. However, the critics gave it a poor review. This did not bother consumers, and at the end of the year, Chevrolet’s new Corvette had the last laugh with a record sale of 28, 566 cars sold which were an increase from the 5,000 from the last year of the Sting Ray.

In early 1983, the 1984 Corvette had its official unveiling. Surprising to enthusiasts and critics, the 1984 Corvette came out. Because of the extra long model year, the 1984 Corvette sold 51,547 units which were the second highest in Corvette history. Even though, it took General Motors a long time to create another generation of a Corvette it was worth the wait.

Caterham Super 7, Is it the perfect Weekend Racecar?

For anyone who loves racing and the thrill that comes with sports cars, then perhaps Caterham Super 7 cars are some of the best you’ve ever rode in. It’s everyone wish to make that big arrival at an event in a Caterham super 7 car. Ranging from the style, speed, power, and gas usage, there is always something you will love about these company’s cars. The good thing is that every year sees new model being introduced to the market with more features and tech fittings. Here some of the things you need know about the Caterham Super 7 cars and what you have been missing on.

Re-designing rights from lotus cars

Caterham super 7 cars are what used to be Lotus cars back in the 50s and 60s before the company stopped producing them. Based in UK, the company bought the rights from Lotus Cars and begun customizing the design back 1972. It has over the years went on to provide some of the best lightweight cars in the market. The whole design idea was first pioneered by Colin Chapman who was a pilot in the Royal Air Force then. He had a dream to build lightweight, fast and powerful cars that would utilize adorable styles like no other. It is basing on his design that Lotus and later caterham were able to produce unique sport cars in the market.

Chassis and Suspension

A unique aspect of who a car could be that small, lightweight but still strong as bigger cars is Caterham’s selling point. Lotus series of cars used a lighter frame usually made of aluminum for its body. Over the years, the chassis and suspension have seen numerous modifications with the modern one being extremely superlight featuring a double-wishbone that is adjustable. The current Caterham 7 series of cars have their chassis design being drawn from Series 3 chassis design though with an extra space and reduced weight for better performance.

Perfect engines

Over the years, the Caterham has been produced with several top engine manufacturers such as Ford, Rover, Powertrain and many more. They have also frequently installed motorbike engines in the model as seen in the 7 Series that features the same engine as thus of Suzuki Hayabusa; GSXR1300 engine. Back in 2001, the Honda Fire blade engine featured in the model recording a power of 95KW or rather 128bhp. There have also been engine combination as you will see on the company’s website.

Perfect for racing

Since the idea of making this model was conceived, the Lotus or later called Caterham has continued to be a perfect design for racing. It has featured several times over the years coming out as a top racing car. Amazingly, it was even banned to race in America back in the 60s being termed to be too fast for rules. The bans were however lifted and the R400 lead in its class in a 2002 race and generally finished 10th ahead of global brands such as BMW and Porsche.

Finally, there are modern design of the Caterham Super 7 cars that are just amazing to ride in. The manufacturers have however adjusted the width to make it more accommodating for bigger people. All in all, Caterham cars are one of the fastest your will ever race in in.

Porsche 930 Makes Debute Through Iconic Porsche Modification Brand “Urban Outlaw”

Porsche is renowned and has been claiming its fame in the automotive industry since the early 1900’s. The iconic racing name has produced some of the best vehicle in the world, with a specialty in car manufacturing and repair. The automotive industry has gone through a tough time and companies who managed to stay put in that challenging time have come out as winners. Not only being persistent but always striving to improve the brand image with new design and technology is the key to victory in the automotive industry.


Cars are not only used as a medium of transportation (although that was their initial job), but now their purpose extends to a much bigger domain than just delivering things or people from one place to another. It’s a pleasure to watch a Porsche speeding up on the road or a racetrack, and that’s what mostly fascinates men.

Porsche has secured fame amongst a variety of age groups and that fame is growing day by day. What I don’t understand is how one can’t fall in love with a powerful car which has amazing and jaw-dropping exterior along with the power that is to go crazy for. Only those who know Porsche well would agree that limiting oneself to one model of Porsche is simply not possible, which is why people continue to think about buying this power packed machine though it’s out of reach of many.

Dreaming about having a Porsche is one thing and buying it is another. With the price so unaffordable, one can only fantasize about it, but many Porsche lovers would do anything to add this incredible machine to their collection.

Porsche has managed to make 20 different versions of its 911 model which is a power machine. Amazingly, all the models claimed fame and a huge fan following. Famous people also owned a Porsche on which he spent the fortune to upgrade and customize. Celebrities now consider Porsche with slantnose as a status symbol and possessing one is sure to increase their fame.

Limiting itself to only cars is not what Porsche had in mind; which is why they introduced classic men’s accessories such as watches, glasses, etc. These are being made and sold all over the world under the “Porsche Design” brand.

A Porsche is not a midlife crisis car. Its owners are amongst the most passionate and loyal drivers. Porsche is a performance car and is guaranteed to fill that gap of real driving experience men crave for. With the variety of cars, one cannot make up its mind which one to choose. If you ask me I would suggest gratifying that urge of pleasing yourself by showing your car around to your neighbors or friends even, or even better drive it around, and you will feel the power it holds.

This is just one example of how Porsche is using the latest technologies to make their vehicles eco-friendly, as well as efficient to run and practical for everyday use. Whether you are looking for a Porsche that is new or used, you will be getting a vehicle that is attractive in many different ways. Better for the environment also means better for you, so if you need a new car, Porsche is defiantly a company that is worth looking into.

Check out Urban outlaw at the link below.

The Best Cars of SEMA 2016

SEMA is like an alternate universe of car manufacturing, with grand styling, amazing colors, and everything that a car manufacturer wants to put in their vehicles, without any consideration of its marketability.

They simply consider its “cool factor,” its speed, and its uniqueness. Mercedes Autos recently made a debut at SEMA, in the 2016 show, and as usual, there were plenty of other wild and crazy entries to be seen. We look over some of the best and most exciting.

Mercedes Autos has traditionally been associated with luxury and class, traditional styling and immaculately tuned performance engines. Mercedes vehicles do the luxury sedan and high-speed coupe so well – and now they are rolling up their sleeves and letting down their hair with some super modified models that were seen at SEMA recently.

The Renntech Rally Racer was one of the highlights of the show – like a GLK optimized for the infamous Pikes Peak. The engine modifications are only the start of the story – there is a parallel hybrid under the hood, making this an electric car available to some in Hong Kong with an additional 40 pound-foot of torque.

This unique sports car that will soon be seen in Hong Kong is ideal for mountain runs because the electric engine does not lose power along with an increase in altitude. It has around 350hp, with KW coil over shock suspension, 20-inch wheels, and inside, carbon fiber bucket seats and a roll cage. One of the most personal Mercedes vehicles we have seen for some time!

Another of Mercedes great entries to the 2008 SEMA show was the Interactive Off-Roader. Mercedes cars have become among the more popular off-roaders in recent years, with their legendary technological capabilities and reputation for not barrings any holds in capability. This sports car unique among Hong Kong vehicles is something different, though.

The 14-year-old son of Legendary’s owner asked “Why not make a ride I can skateboard on?”, And his father agreed – “Why not?”. There is a rear mounted Grinch Winch – able to tow borders up to 30mph. Once at speed, skateboarders can launch up a detachable ramp on this unique sports car in Hong Kong, and grind on customized roof rails. Amazing!


RMR also had one of the most talked about cars of the 2008 SEMA show, debuting their new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It has a carbon fiber body, reminiscent of Mercedes vehicle DTM racecar crossed with a Super GT. Other Hyundais on show at SEMA included Genesis Coupes from HKS, RMR and Street Concepts. The HKS Genesis Coupe has a Kenstyle body kit, making it look as ‘out there’ as its specs are.

The Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge also brought out some other auto stars. AMS was the winner beating out the Mercedes vehicle that entered, with their 1000+hp Evo motor.

With an air-to-water intercooler, a large turbocharger, a unique design long tube exhaust manifold fully built internals and dry sump oiling, big figures in the power stakes were unavoidable. One of the best of the best when it come to unique autos in Hong Kong, as well as the rest of the world.

Nico Rosberg The Soon to Be Champion of Mexican Grand Prix?

Approximately ten rough laps made up the Mexican Grand Prix – five at the beginning and five at the end.

In order to win the race Lewis Hamilton had to get his Mercedes-AMG Petronas before Nico Rosberg. The whole weekend was of Hamilton dominating, from Friday to Sunday except the first lap. Hamilton did get the Turn 1 in the field. It all went well until Hamilton went to the runoff area and ended up on the grass, starting the race again at Turn 3. He was not penalized because as the commentator said, Hamilton was not battling any other racer.


At the exact same corner, Rosberg went off to the grass too. He was about to get a penalty, until the replay showed that Rosberg was bumped by Max Verstappen in the Red Bull slid wide, which made Rosber go off the run. Verstappen started again to go after Rosberg, later during the race, but he took a stab on the Turn 4 on the Lap 50 of the 71-lap race, and he went off the run and never saw the Mercedes again by Lap 55.

It was Lap 70 when Riccardio was very near to Vettel’s gearbox. In order to take the corner Vettel swung outside. When Ricciardo made the inside move in order to Pass, Vettel took the same action and both cars ended up being in the braking zone. Ferrari did make a small contact with the Red Bull, but Vettel did not move out of his position through Turn 5. The German did end up closing the line in the fourth position, but this did not take place before dumping a bucket full of curses on Verstappen and on Formula 1 Race Director Charlie Whiting, who refused to give an order to Verstappen to leave the third position before the flag went up.

Verstappen parked his car in the place that is reserved for the third place and went straight to the podium room. He did take a five-second penalty for his action at Turn 1, which put him on the fifth position which was behind Vettel and Ricciardo, and urged him to go out of the podium room so Vettel would step on that place.

It was three hours after the race was finished, when the stewards did order a ten-second penalty for Vettel who stepped in the braking zone, which left Vettel to fifth behind Ricciardo and Verstappen. It is ironic of this situation because this regulation that hit Vettel is a new one, which came into practice when Verstappen stepped in the braking zone in Japan when he was racing against Hamilton. The order of the racers in the end was: Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Vettel.

After them, Kimi Räikkönen was the sixth one, Nico Hülkenberg seventh, The Williams pair of Vatteri and Felipe Massa got the next places and Sergio Perez was the last one.

In two weeks of the next race in Brazil, we are expecting wringing about the way Verstappen was driving. There are two weeks that we are expecting answers from almost all the drivers, but the situation we are expecting the most are the capabilities of Rosberg to become the next Driver Championship. Currently Rosberg holds a 19-point advantage over Hamilton and for now that is all that matters, until Brazil takes place.


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